How to install the high-speed cylindrical bottle printing software (DPCS_ Printer)?

Table Of Contents

Step ①. Double-click the software installation package , select the installation language(English), click “OK”, select the single option “I accept the agreement”, and then click “Next”, as shown in the figure below:

Step ②. Select the installation path, change the C disk to D disk or click “Browse” to select the installation folder, and then click “Next”. Continue to click “Next” (if you don’t want to create a start menu folder, please check the “Do not create a start menu folder” option), as shown below:

Step ③. Check the “Create desktop shortcut (D)” option, click “Next”, and continue to click the “Install” button to start the installation process, as shown in the figure below:

Step ④. After the installation is complete, select the “End” button to end the installation wizard, as shown in the figure below:


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