How to judge the performance of UV flatbed printer?

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The price of UV flatbed printers on the market ranges from tens of thousands of dollars to more than ten thousand dollars. It can be said that such a price is enough to buy a car. The price is not too much but not too little. Here is a friendly reminder, when you are ready to buy a UV flatbed printer and want to get the best machine performance at the least price, you should consider the service life and after-sales after considering other configurations of the machine before purchasing. service etc. Why do you say that? Because the production capacity and technology of uv flatbed printer manufacturers have a certain relationship.

Here, I can provide you with a few ways to judge for yourself.

1. First, understand the reputation of brands and manufacturers through the Internet, and investigate the relevant information to avoid being deceived.

2. On-the-spot inspection of the factory, after all, it is a matter of several thousand dollars – more than ten thousand dollars, not a small amount. It is better to go to the factory to inspect the factory in person. It mainly depends on the scale of the factory, service attitude, professional knowledge, production capacity, etc.

3. For uv printers, the printing effect and stability are the last words, and more proofing, more comparison, and other methods are used to test.

4. Price is not the only criterion for judging. Different manufacturers and different models have different prices. In contrast, you should choose those with good after-sales service and guaranteed quality.

5. Pay attention when signing the contract, including after-sales, maintenance, warranty coverage, accessories, etc., all of which are empty words, and it is the most appropriate to write white and black words in the contract.

The primary problem of choosing a uv printer should be considered from the stability of the printer, the choice of the print head, the later maintenance cost (the price of replacing the print head), after-sales service, and other factors. It is recommended to choose a Micolorprint uv printer.

Take the machine model as an example, Shenzhen Micolorprint is a pioneer in the R&D and production of universal printers in China and has accumulated rich experience in the field of universal printers. A full range of universal printer models such as Starlight cutting jet printers.


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