How to maintain grating for uv flatbed printer?

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In the UV flatbed printer, a part called a grating is often encountered. Many customers do not understand what grating is, and the role of the grating is the usual maintenance method.

What is a grating?

Raster refers to a plastic material whose one side is extruded into cylindrical lines and the other side is a complete plane, and the cylindrical lines are equally spaced. This raster plane can be used for printing purposes. After using raster vision software to synthesize images, and use different output devices to output Files, raster can be said to be the top priority among UV flatbed printers.

The role of grating:

We know that the raster can output files from different output devices. In addition, what role does the raster have? The nozzle of the uv flatbed printer moves back and forth during the printing process and outputs graphics according to the actual size of the pattern. So how do we define the printing interval? This is the role played by the grating. A sensor is installed on the backside of the mobile car of the uv flatbed printer. After the computer output printing and printing command is issued, the mobile cart moves out of the initial position. At this time, the grating strip acts as a ruler, and the grating strip sensor after the mobile carriage senses the scale on it to define the correct printing—print interval.

        The working method of the UV flatbed printer is horizontal inkjet water. After one line is sprayed, the motor rotates to drive the paper to the next line, and then horizontal inkjet water. How to determine the position of this row and column is determined by the grating. Above the grating is a stripe, which separates transparency and opacity. There is a photoelectric sensor on the printer, and the grating will generate pulses when passing through the photoelectric sensor. If a pulse represents 10 dpi, then the printer will know where the current print head is and where the paper is by calculating the current pulse. In use, if the grating is dirty, the count will be inaccurate, and the printed characters will be partially offset left and right or up and down.

Maintenance of grating:

We already know the importance of the grating, so the maintenance of the grating is very important. The grating is not contaminated by a little dust, otherwise, it will affect the accuracy of the grating, and the printing effect will appear as ghosting and other phenomena. The main way to maintain the grating is to use an absorbent cotton cloth with alcohol and wipe the flatbed printer grating strip from beginning to end to ensure that the surface is smooth and clean (remember: do not wipe back and forth repeatedly). Understand the grating, know the role of the grating and normal maintenance methods, and then usually pay more attention to maintenance.


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