How to maintain the UV flatbed printer grating strips?

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During the printing process of the UV flatbed printer, after the printer is normally turned on or the printing task is issued, the flatbed printer’s mobile carriage will directly hit the left side and make a loud noise. In addition, the printed image appears ghosting during the printing process.

What are the reasons for these failures?

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    It may be that the grating strip on the upper end of the carriage rail is dirty. At the upper end of the carriage rail, there is a transparent long strip, which is the grating strip. The grating strip is a precision component. If there is dust or even ink on it, the sensor on the back of the carriage will not work properly, which will cause double images in the printed result. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the printer is clean during the use of UV printers.

    Through the grating strips, we can observe that the flatbed printer moves the type car from left to right during printing according to the actual size of the output pattern. The function of the raster part is to define the interval distance of printing movement. A sensor is installed on the back side of the machine's mobile carriage, and the mobile carriage will move out of the initial position after the computer outputs the printing command. The grating strip acts as a ruler, and the grating strip sensor after moving the carriage will sense the scale on it to determine the correct printing interval. Therefore, if there are any stains or dust accumulation on the surface of the grating part, the grating sensor will not be able to sense the upper scale, and it will not be able to determine the moving range of the mobile carriage. As a result, the mobile carriage quickly hits the left inner wall of the head of the flatbed printer, causing a loud impact noise.

    Understand the function of the grating strip components and the reasons for the failure, and also understand why the cleanliness of the surface of the grating strip components should be checked and maintained frequently. If you find ink stains or dust on the grating, you must clean it up in time. The specific cleaning method is to use absorbent cotton cloth with alcohol and wipe the grating strip from beginning to end to ensure that the surface is smooth and clean, but do not wipe it back and forth repeatedly.

    The left and right movement area of ​​the UV flatbed printer is defined by the grating bars. Correspondingly, the front and back movement of the printer platform is controlled by the grating disc. Flatbed printer raster disc components are used to confirm the moving distance of the platform. Remove the two screws on the dust cover of the printer, and you will see the grating disk and the grating disk sensor. Its working principle is roughly the same as that of a grating strip, and the surface needs to be properly cleaned. The cleaning method is the same as above.

    Generally speaking, the working environment of the UV printer should be kept clean. The surface parts of the flatbed printer should be cleaned up frequently. This is a very necessary maintenance work. If the UV flatbed printer can always be kept in a clean state, the damage to other parts It is also beneficial to run and use, and it is even more beneficial to extend the service life of the flatbed printer. Therefore, the normal operation of UV printers is closely related to the maintenance and maintenance of parts in daily use.

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