How to make the mobile phone case achieve an embossing effect through uv flatbed printer?

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The market for mobile phone cases is constantly expanding, and people’s requirements for mobile phone cases are getting higher and higher. The function of mobile phone cases is not only to protect mobile phones but now more buyers want to be beautiful and show their own personalities. Now the most popular is a mobile phone case with a 3D relief effect, so how is this process realized? In fact, it is very simple. You only need a uv flatbed printer, a computer, and an employee. You are right, it is so simple. Next, I will share with you how to make the phone case embossed through the uv flatbed printer.

        The relief effect mainly needs to highlight the color gamut of the relief feeling. It is piled on the basis of UV white ink. The height of the pile is controlled by the number of times white ink accumulates. The original simple mobile phone case can bloom with a sense of relief, and the traditional relief process can be displayed. Perfectly applied to the mobile phone case, compared with the simple color painting process, the embossed product picture is not only more distinct but also lifelike and extraordinary. At the same time, the unique three-dimensional sense brought by the embossing process is also amazing. The combination of the unique traditional engraving process and the unique painting process makes the protective shell achieve the unity of body and light color.

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There are four main steps to realize the embossing effect of the mobile phone case through the universal printer:

1. Edit the drawing pattern in the software and the area that needs to be printed with relief is drawn separately.


2. In the control software, add the white ink function to the place where the relief is set, and set it 2-3 times.


3. Place the plastic shell on the printing platform, the equipment will be automatically positioned and start printing.


4. After the printing is completed, remove the plastic shell from the platform.


        Features of embossed mobile phone case printer: It adopts LED lamp UV light source technology with less heat, which can solve the problem of printing materials that are easily deformed by heat. After inkjet, it is instantly cured by LED light source irradiation, which makes the work efficiency higher than that of old-fashioned eco-solvent printers. Several times, the work efficiency is greatly improved. With just a flatbed printer, you can make yourself comfortable in the highly competitive mobile phone case market. What are you still hesitating about, grab it now!


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