How to operate and set up the UV-LED curing system of the high-speed cylindrical bottle printer?

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Introduction of UV lamp cooling water tank

Introduction of UV lamp cooling water tank for high speed bottle printer
Introduction of UV lamp cooling water tank for high-speed bottle printer

Operating procedures

Step ①

When using for the first time, connect the AC 220V/110V 50Hz power line, signal control line, UV LED light group power line and cooling water pipe in sequence.

Step ②

Fill the water tank with purified water to a safe level, and antifreeze must be used in areas prone to freezing in winter.

Step ③

Turn on the power switch of the water tank, confirm that the water pump is running, the water pipe is not bent, and there is no water leakage. Run for 3 minutes to discharge the air in the circulation circuit. Check again whether the liquid volume in the liquid storage tank is sufficient. If the water volume is insufficient, you need to add water again.

Step ④

Adjust the LED power potentiometer to control the power of the UV lamp.

Temperature controller parameter setting

①. Press the Set key for 5 seconds to enter the parameter setting table, press the up and down keys to adjust the value, and press the Set key to confirm the modification.

The codeSet contentDefault setting
HCOperating modeH
P7Temperature Calibration (Celsius)00
CAStart-up delay (seconds)00
HSUpper-Temperature Limit (Celsius)50
LSLower Temperature Limit (Celsius)5
dhysteresis minutes5

② .Press the Set key to enter the temperature setting, the default setting value is 50.


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