How to operate the uv flatbed printer?

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Considering that many novices do not know how to operate UV flatbed printers, we decided to publish a tutorial on the operation of UV flatbed printers, hoping to help everyone.

1. Prepare tools/materials

First of all, we need to convert the pattern into a printing format on the computer through Ps, CDR, and other drawing software, transfer it to the CMYK channel, and typeset it for use.


2. Check the equipment

1) Check whether the UPS power supply of the equipment is normal;

2) Check whether the ink tank ink is enough;

3) Check whether there is residual air in the ink delivery pipe and whether the nozzle is clean and blocked;

4) Check whether the printed platform is flat, and if there is any deterioration, you can adjust the bottom screw with a leveling instrument;

If there is no problem with the above checks, you can start the operation.

3. start the operation

Step 1: After turning on the UV flatbed printer, turn on the power supply of the transformer, machine tool, and computer.

Step 2: Convert the print format of the pattern on the computer through Ps, CDR, and other drawing software, transfer it to the CMYK channel and typeset it.

Step 3: Turn on the switch of the ink jet port and turn on the power of the UV lamp. Add the printing medium, turn on the power of the adsorption function, measure the thickness of the printing medium of the UV flatbed printer, adjust the height according to the printed object, and press Enter to the origin.

Step 4: Nozzle check, print template, and correct color. After color correction, locate the origin according to the media size and pattern size of the UV flatbed printer.

Step 5: Do not touch the head of the printer during printing. If there is an emergency, quickly press the red emergency switch button, and the device will automatically return to the original point after printing.


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