How to print the lightbox advertisement with an uv printer?

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In recent years, lightbox advertisements can be said to have blossomed everywhere, and it is everywhere in the streets and alleys where we live, such as shopping malls, high-speed rail stations, subway station passages, bus platforms, and so on. The common types of advertising light boxes are fabric lightboxes, acrylic light boxes, LED lightboxes, rolling lightboxes, pillar lightboxes, etc. Because of their bright effects, rich colors, and fine details, they are deeply loved by advertisers.


So how are these lightbox advertisements made? In fact, only one UV flatbed printer is needed.

The lightbox advertisement looks simple, but its performance requirements are very good. For example, the printed screen must have good scratch resistance, light resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and so on. The uv light-curing ink used by the UV flatbed printer can select different inks for different materials. While ensuring image quality, it can also adapt to the complex outdoor environment. You can also use a varnish solution to coat the screen with a layer of class. The transparent amber protective layer makes the picture last bright and enduring.

As a personalized advertising method, lightbox advertising has unparalleled advantages in displaying brand image and attracting customers. It is deeply loved by many advertisers. And the UV printer can fully satisfy the merchants’ orders for personalized scattered lightbox advertisements, without the need to make a plate, just print and do it, and become a good helper for them to make money!


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