How to print UV dtf film? What are the precautions when printing?

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First of all, of course, you need a UV dtf printer, laminating machine, small cutting machine (small batches can be replaced by scissors), and consumables including UV dtf film, glue, white ink, and so on.


UV dtf film:

uv dtf A film + uv dtf B film.

UV dtf printer:

It is the most basic condition to choose printing glue, varnish, and the machine’s own adsorption function.

Laminating machine:

With the function of adjusting pressure, temperature, and speed.

Small cutting machine:

It doesn’t need to be too big, in A3 format, the simple cutting function is enough, and scissors can also be used in small batches.

Note for UV dtf printing:

1. UV dtf film is divided into A film and B film. A film is the bottom paper for printing. If you tear off the release paper on the A film, you will find that the surface is sticky. This is the printing surface. Put it in the printer and start printing.

2. The UV dtf film B film is a transfer film, install it on the laminating machine, and adjust the pressure of the rubber roller of the laminating machine to the lowest level to prevent air from entering and causing wrinkles when the film is passed.

3. It is necessary to control the thickness of glue, white ink, and varnish printed on the A film. The viscosity and hardness determine whether the crystal film can be peeled off smoothly and whether it is firmly pasted.

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