How to properly ground the printer?

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The role of the ground wire:

It is to lead the electricity on the possibly charged metal shell to the earth, so as to prevent people from touching the electric shock accident. If it is not grounded, once the equipment has a leakage phenomenon, once the person touches the charged body, there may be an electric shock accident.

Ground wire requirements:

1. The wire connecting the ground wire should be a copper wire with a cross-section of not less than 50mm2, and the resistance value should be less than 0.4mΩ.

2. The grounding pole of the grounding wire should be welded, and the anti-loosening device should be added if there is no condition.

3. The depth of burying the flat iron or cylindrical steel bar into the ground should not be less than 0.6m.

4. The ground wire is best to be separate and not shared to prevent other equipment from leaking and interfering with other equipment.

Remember: safety production is the first.


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