How to reduce and prevent the adverse effects of static electricity on uv printers?

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If the uv printer has no ground wire, static electricity is everywhere, and the whole flatbed printer is a metal conductor, so it is difficult to avoid the reaction of static electricity. Mainboard and print head) So in order to ensure the service life of Micolorprint customer machines and maintain the machine better, here Micolorprint engineers in Shenzhen teach you to eliminate the electrostatic reaction of flatbed printers and better protect the uv printer machine. The most important thing to eliminate the electrostatic reaction of the machine is The following aspects:

First: When operating the uv flatbed printer, you need to keep the indoor temperature as stable as possible, do not fluctuate high and low, and pay attention to changes in temperature and humidity.

Second: When using a UV printer, try to use ink with a higher viscosity, so that the antistatic effect will be better, because the larger the weight of the ink droplet, the smaller the electrostatic effect.

Third: An important link is to do a good job of the grounding line. The bottom line is best to be the whole line, and there should be no joints that are in good contact with the machine.

Fourth: the humidity around the place where the flatbed uv printer is placed should reach a relative humidity of 40%-60%.

Fifth: Usually, electrostatic brushes can be used to solve the problem of static electricity.

In summary, the five-point analysis to solve the electrostatic reaction of the uv printer can make you better maintain the normal operation of the machine and avoid the occurrence of static electricity.


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