How to reduce the scrap rate of uv printer products?

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We know that UV printers may have product scrap during operation. The higher the product scrap rate, the higher the cost. Therefore, effective control of the product scrap rate is an important measure to save costs. So how to reduce the scrap rate of uv printer products?

To solve this problem, we must first figure out the reasons why the uv printer is scrapped. We have summarized it. There are three main points: 1. Equipment problems; 2. Production environment problems; 3. Supporting software system problems.

1. Equipment problems

At present, the quality of products in the domestic uv printer market is uneven. If the stability of the machine itself has problems, then a high scrap rate is inevitable. Therefore, we have always emphasized that we must choose a good brand. In the so-called “you get what you pay for”, customers should not be greedy for cheap and ignore the high scrap rate of the machine.

2. Production environment issues

Although the technology of UV printers has been improved in recent years, the adaptability of the machine has been greatly enhanced, but it has not yet reached the point where the production environment can be completely ignored. And some poor uv printers are even more dependent on the environment, and cannot meet the requirements of industrialized production at all. Micolorprint uv printers have been strictly tested before they leave the factory, and the scrap rate is less than 0.1%, which greatly reduces the loss of customers.

3. Software system

The software system is also one of the factors that affect the product scrap rate. The software system of some low-priced machines is often encrypted and lacks functions, etc., which often cannot guarantee the subsequent upgrade of the customer, which seriously destroys the good development of the uv printer industry. It also leaves a bad impression on customers.

How to reduce the scrap rate of uv printer products? You can only prescribe the right medicine after you know the symptoms. If you have other questions about the uv printer, you can contact our customer service and we will explain it in detail.


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