How to solve the dim printing effect with a UV printer?

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In the production process of using UV printers, sometimes under the same conditions, the patterns printed on some materials by UV printers are not bright enough with the design drawings, and the whole is dark. What is going on? In fact, this problem is mostly caused by the graph, so how to deal with this problem?

Print on leather, after correction and no correction

  In fact, the image printed by the UV printer is not bright enough, most of which is caused by randomly adjusting the curve in the software. Generally, the curve manufacturer will do it well, do not adjust it at will. The curve value of special materials requires professional technicians to make specific adjustments according to the color standard designed by the customer's pattern, and use a professional ICC curve instrument to make specific adjustments to achieve the final printed pattern effect. The specified color range becomes a qualified product.
make ICC curve

In the specific production process of UV printers, operators should continue to accumulate experience in order to effectively solve various problems.


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