How to solve the problem of ink break in UV flatbed printers?

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When using UV flatbed printers, the ink may be broken occasionally. Why is this? How to solve it? Micolorprint printer will give you an analysis, there are three reasons for this situation:

  If the ink is broken, the most likely cause is the ink is used up. Check to see if the ink is used up.

If the ink runs out, it is easy to solve it, and we only need to add new ink.

  If the ink is cut off, it is also possible that the air vent of the ink cartridge is blocked, and the air cannot enter, so the ink cannot be discharged.

If the vent is blocked, we only need to reopen the vent to make the airflow smooth.

  If the ink is cut off, it is also possible that the ink jet port of the ink cartridge is blocked.

In this case, the inkjet port of the ink cartridge is too dry and the ink is condensed and clogged. This requires us to remove the ink cartridge and clean the nozzle with a special nozzle cleaning fluid. After the cleaning is completed, check to see if the ink is broken. If it still occurs, you need to ask the manufacturer’s technicians for help.

        Micolorprint reminds you to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the machine and take good care of your own machine. Only when you develop a good habit of careful love and maintenance in daily use, can you avoid failures, extend the service life of the machine, and make normal and smooth production. Micolorprint printers, sincerely serve you, our quality and service are worthy of your trust! Welcome to the factory for a sample test, visit, and inspection!


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