How to solve the uv printer “unrecognized USB device”?

Table Of Contents

1. Phenomenon description:

The connection between the computer and the printer prompts “The USB device cannot be recognized”, which is displayed in the “Device Manager”

2. Reason analysis

1) The USB cable is of poor quality or damaged.

2) The power supply of the USB port is insufficient. Use a USB extension cable or connect to the front USB port of the computer to provide only a low current power supply. The computer can detect the device under low current conditions, but may not be able to maintain high-speed communication.

3) The driver is not installed or there is a problem with the installed driver.

4) The motherboards of some computers do not support USB 2.0 well.

3. Solution

1) Buy a regular USB cable that meets the standard, and try not to use a USB cable.

2) Connect the data cable to the rear USB port of the computer, do not use an extension cable, and re-plug the USB cable to test.

3) Reinstall the printer driver test, please click here to view the driver installation method.

4. How do you disable USB 2.0 devices on your computer?

Method 1 to disable USB 2.0 devices:

Disable the USB 2.0 device in Device Manager. Method 1: “Device Manager” disables USB 2.0 devices. Right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”, click “Hardware” and then select “Device Manager”, expand “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” and right-click USB2 to select “Disable” to disable the USB 2.0 device.

Method 2 to disable USB2.0 devices:

Disable USB 2.0 Support in CMOS. Tip: Due to the different brands and models of the motherboard, the methods and interfaces for entering COMS are also different. The following methods are for reference only. It is recommended to check the motherboard manual for specific methods. After booting, press the “Delete” key or “F10” key to enter CMOS, use the direction keys of the keypad to select “Integrated Peripherals”, and press the “Enter” key; use the direction keys of the keypad to select “USB 2.0 Supports”, and press ” Enter” key, change “Enabled” to “Disabled”, and then press F10 key to save the setting.

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