How to store the ink of the UV DTF transfer film printer?

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UV DTF transfer film printer inks are divided into soft inks, hard inks, and flexible inks according to different printing materials. Soft inks are usually used more. The quality of the ink largely determines the image quality of the pattern. Because UV inks are different from Normal ink, so the storage of ink is very important. Next, Micolorprint will introduce the storage method to you.

        The printing principle of UV DTF transfer film printer is that the machine nozzle ejects the ink by electric shock, and attaches it to the surface of the material. During the inkjet process, the UV lamp on the machine head cures the ink instantly, forming a pattern that prints and dries as a whole. UV-irradiated ink will undergo a chemical reaction and be cured, so the storage of UV ink first needs to do the following:

1. Protect from light

     UV ink bottles are basically black to avoid light, so the ink should be placed in a cool and backlit place, packed in a carton or container of other materials, and stored separately to avoid an accumulation of debris avoid damage caused by overstocking.

2. Seal

     Then the UV ink must be sealed and stored. The ink composition is particularly volatile. The unused ink or the ink that is not used must be tightened and sealed and stored. Pay special attention to not letting the dust and debris in the air fall into the bottle. , If the print head is damaged by the ink with debris, the loss will be large.

3. Placement

       The ink has a certain irritation, so the ink should not be placed in a conspicuous place to avoid accidents caused by non-staff, especially children. If you accidentally get the ink on your eyes or skin, wash it off with water immediately, if it is more serious In the event, the UV ink is very important to be sent to the doctor immediately. However, the ink has a certain lifespan, and it is not recommended to store it for a long time. Therefore, you should purchase ink reasonably according to your own production volume in the production process and use it as soon as possible. Naturally, you will not encounter these problems.


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