How to tell if the effect printed by the flatbed printer is good or bad?

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How to tell if the effect printed by the flatbed printer is good or bad?

Many people sneered at this question and felt that it was not the person who went to see it. In fact, it is not the case. The so-called layman sees the prosperity, but the insider looks at the doorway. There is still a certain reason for the outsider to see what appears to be very one-sided on the surface. Talents will pay attention to some of its professional details, and it is difficult for laymen to find out, so this article will teach you how to be an expert.

To distinguish the effects printed by a flatbed printer, it is simple and easy to say, and difficult to say it is difficult. Control the following points, so that you can change from a layman to an expert, from not knowing to knowing, and gradually accumulate precious experiences to achieve After N years, you can tell the print quality at a glance.

1. Flatbed printers first require accurate printing.

The four corners of the pattern, the edges of the picture, and the layers in the picture must be printed very accurately, without ghosting and dark marks.

2. The flatbed printer prints neatly and flawlessly.

The screen and the blank parts should be clean and tidy, free of scars and dirty spots. Flatbed printers should print equally. The dark and light-tuned inks should be even, and the density should be different. There is no difference in the shades of the handwriting.

3. The picture of the UV flatbed printer is clear and civilized.

The image is clear, the contours are real, the texture is strong, and there is no ambiguity. The writing strokes are clear and beautiful, there is no lack of broken lines and no defects such as thickening or shrinking.

4. There should be no spots, wrinkles, dust, folds, and holes.

There should be no quality problems such as through-printing due to the high transparency of the paper, through-printing due to ink penetrating, smearing due to stacking, and defects such as spots, wrinkles, dust, folds, and holes on the printed items of UV flatbed printers. And disadvantages.

5. The restoration of the original image should be more than 95%.

The recoverability of the pattern printed by the machine and the original image should be more than 95%, and the remaining 5% takes into account the resolution of the display, and the naked eye is biased toward these elements.


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