How to use a UV DTF transfer film printer to print toys?

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After years of development, UV printers have entered all walks of life. Advertising, home improvement, leather goods, luggage, and other industries have basically been used, and are moving towards the goal of printing everything. This is the ultimate mission of our UV printer manufacturers. I believe It will be realized in the near future.

There is an industry that will usher in the peak season, and that is the toy industry. Today’s toys are all pursuing individualization. Only novel and individual toys can attract the attention of children. Manufacturers also use their best efforts to launch a variety of toys. Dazzling, if you want to be different from others, you have to be differentiated. People don’t have me, and people have me better. Only when you are different from other manufacturers can you stand out.

    As we all know, although UV printers can print on many materials, they also have limitations, that is, they can only print on flat or flat materials, and the printing effect will drop linearly beyond a certain range. This is what manufacturers have always wanted to solve. The problem has been plagued for many years, but in recent years, some manufacturers have been able to provide solutions, including our Micolorprint.

    Micolorprint MC-H2C two head varnish UV dtf transfer film printer is our company’s main popular model. This machine solves the problem that UV flatbed printers cannot print on irregular surfaces. MC-H2C two head varnish UV dtf transfer film The printer can be applied to all flat surface printing with amplitude, without limitation of shape amplitude, mature technology and stable machine, adopting new cold transfer technology, speed and accuracy reach a high level, and it has excellent printing effect on various toys. , Adhesion is not fading, brain acid-base corrosion resistance, material composition meets environmental protection requirements, if you need to understand machine-related knowledge, you can consult the customer service staff of the website, free proofing, and the effect is satisfactory before purchasing the machine.

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