How to use UV flatbed printer heads for longer?

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The head of a UV flatbed printer is very important. Once there is a problem with the head, the printer will not be able to carry out production work. The head is a high-precision part, and it may be damaged or blocked due to your slight carelessness. How to maintain the head last longer? Here Micolorprint tells you some points that need to be paid attention to in daily maintenance:

The head removed from the flatbed printer cannot be placed alone, not to mention under high temperature and low-temperature conditions.

If the removed head is left for a long time, as the water contained in the residual ink in the head gradually evaporates, the dried ink will block the head. If the head is found to be clogged, the head should be cleaned immediately. If the head is still unusable after cleaning, you need to consider whether the head is broken. If it is broken, replace the head with a new one.

Do not use tools and fingers to touch the surface of the head of the UV printer to prevent damage to the head surface or block the head with oil or debris.

Do not blow air into the head, let alone get oil, sweat, or alcohol on the head, as this will cause changes in the composition and viscosity of the ink, causing the ink to condense and block. Do not use facial tissue, lens paper, cloth, etc. to wipe the head surface.

When the flatbed printer is working, do not turn off the power suddenly.

If some models of printers are suddenly turned off, the printer will not be able to perform capping operations on the heads, causing the heads to be exposed to the air, the ink dries up, and the heads to be blocked. The correct way is to turn the flatbed printer to the OFFLINE state now, let the head cap, turn off the power, and finally pull out the plug.

       The head of the UV printer is composed of many small heads arranged, the size of the head hole is about the same as the particle dust. If some small debris or dust enters the head, it will be clogged and the head panel will be easily contaminated by ink. , Resulting in the phenomenon of ink jetting. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of the head are very necessary and must be done. At present, the price of the flatbed printer heads on the market is still very expensive. You must pay more attention to the maintenance of the heads in daily use, and master some tips for using the heads so that the heads can be used for a longer time and save time and money. Work production.


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