How to use uv flatbed printer on jade safety buckle?

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Desktop ornaments such as jade safety buttons are usually placed in living rooms, wine cabinets, home TV entrance decorations, and other places. The production process of the pattern on it is fine carving + color painting. The fine carving is mainly based on an engraving machine, and the color painting uses UV printing. The auxiliary equipment includes sandblasting machine, spray coating machine, etc.

Applicable places for jade safety buckle:

Living room, bedroom, study room, tea room, restaurant, shop, hotel, company, etc.;

Applicable objects of jade safety buckle:

Congratulations on moving in, wedding gifts, opening gifts, business gifts, etc.

Today I will tell you more about the safety buckle.

Jade safety buckle UV printing renderings:

jade safety buckle
jade safety buckle
jade safety buckle
jade safety buckle
jade safety buckle
jade safety buckle

1. Office Layout

The shape of the jade safety buckle is like an ancient copper coin, which is a symbol of wealth and status, implying endless wealth.

2. Decorative cabinet ornaments

The outer circle is a circle, symbolizing the vastness of the world and the chaos; the inner circle is also a circle, symbolizing the peace and tranquility in our hearts.

3. Wine cabinet decoration

The safety buckle is also called nostalgic and Arhat’s Eye, which can drive away evil spirits, avoid disasters, and ensure safety when you go out.

4. Living room layout

Also known as the auspicious wishful buckle, the pattern printed by UV is both beautiful and has a beautiful meaning.

Overall, the investment cost of making jade safety buckles is not much different from that of making ceramic tile background walls. It requires 10,000 to 20,000 US dollars. It involves more equipment and technology, and the threshold is relatively high. However, the profit of the product is high and the market demand is also high. It is a good printing and processing field.


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