Introduction of operation panel for High-Speed Cylindrical Bottles printer

Table Of Contents

①. Human-machine interface (HMI): The movement of the fixture can be controlled through the touch screen. For details, please refer to the introduction of the human-machine interface (HMI).

②. Power button: Press the “Power On” button, and the button indicator light is always green, the printer is powered on, and the power will not be cut off when the hand is released or pressed again. If it is in a power-off state, the printer will not be powered on without pressing this button.

③. Shutdown button: Press the “Power Off” button, and the button indicator light will be red, and the indicator light will be off when you let go of your hand, and the “Power On” button indicator light will also be off at the same time, indicating that the printer is in a power-off state.

④. Loading start button: After manually adjusting the fixture and setting the loading and unloading parameters, press this button to automatically start the loading.

⑤. One-key print button: When it is necessary to automatically load and unload more than 2 consecutive prints, you need to uncheck the “manual mode” on the software,

Then click the “Start Printing” button on the top of the software. The Start Printing button turns gray and the Stop button is activated. At this time, when you press this button, the sprayer will start printing. It is worth noting that before pressing the “one-key print button”, you must first place the bottle and then click the “loading start” button to start loading the fixture and finally click the one-key print to be effective.

⑥. Emergency stop button: press it to close, and turn the button to the right to automatically reset to open. Normally, it is in the open state. When the button is pressed or pressed in other emergencies, the machine will immediately cut off the power supply, and it can be restored by turning right after the fault is resolved.

Human-machine interface (HMI)

③ . Ink pressing (ink squeeze): (1) Ink squeeze A: Press this button, the negative pressure is invalid, the positive pressure is valid, and white ink varnish will be squeezed out from the nozzle, release the button, and the negative pressure is valid and it will automatically return to the setting A certain negative pressure value, prohibit long-term extrusion. (2) Squeeze ink B: Press this button, and the negative pressure is invalid, the positive pressure is valid, and the color ink will be squeezed out from the nozzle, release the button, the negative pressure is valid, and it will automatically return to the set negative pressure value, and it is forbidden to press the button for a long time extrusion.

②. Negative pressure display: Set the negative pressure value, monitor the positive and negative pressure values, automatically display the positive pressure when ink is pressed, and restore the negative pressure after releasing the button. Negative pressure A: Negative pressure for white ink and varnish; Negative pressure B: Negative pressure for color ink.

①. Ink level monitoring: When the black (Black), cyan (Cyan), magenta (Magenta), yellow (Yellow), varnish (V), and white (White) ink indicators are on, it will prompt that the current ink level is at When the liquid level is low, it is necessary to add ink in time to avoid abnormalities in the ink system (such as a large number of air bubbles causing the ink to be cut off); when the ink is full, the indicator light is off, indicating that the ink is at a high level and there is no need to add ink. The waste ink indicator light is normally off, indicating that there is no waste ink or low liquid level; when the waste ink indicator light is on, it indicates that the waste ink level is high and the waste ink needs to be drained in time to prevent overflow.

④. Lighting: Press this button to turn on the light, and press it again to turn it off. Note that, considering the convenience of use, the light button will not be controlled by the switch button.


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