Introduction to the application of uv flatbed printer in key chain uv printing

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Keychains and keyrings belong to the category of handicrafts. Due to their small area and close contact with people in application scenarios, there are the following points that need to be paid attention to when choosing UV printer equipment:

Equipment format:

Try to choose small-format equipment that has higher physical and mechanical accuracy than large-format equipment. This refers to original equipment, such as 6090 and 9060 models; if it is a modified machine, such as a4, a3, a2, etc., the price is If it costs a few thousand US dollars or 10,000 to 20,000 US dollars, be careful about the workmanship quality of its parts.

Equipment Head:

Printing patterns on such a small keychain ring requires very high requirements on the size of the nozzle holes. Generally, you will choose the Epson nozzle (3.5PL) or the Ricoh nozzle (5PL). If the nozzle diameter of the nozzle is too large, the printed pattern will be thick and grainy, which will affect the pattern quality.

Key chain ring UV printing renderings:

Keychains and keyrings
Keychains and keyrings
Keychains and keyrings
Keychains and keyrings
Keychains and keyrings
Keychains and keyrings

Applicable UV printing keychain ring material:

1. Metal (requires coating)

2. Leather (no coating required)

3. Plastic (no coating required)

4. Wood, etc.

Key chain ring uses:

1. Customized corporate brand promotion;

2. New product promotion;

3. Souvenirs from tourist attractions;

4. School anniversary souvenirs;

5. Advertising and other industry souvenirs.

Overall, when making keychain rings, processing is mainly based on quantity and is not suitable for small amounts of personalized customization. Although the market demand is relatively large, the processing technology is relatively difficult, peer competition is relatively high, and profits are almost squeezed.


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