Is a second-hand uv printer worth buying?

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With the continuous progress and development of technology, the speed of people using product updates and iterations is constantly accelerating. This situation is also very common in the UV digital printing industry. The updated products are also very marketable in the second-hand market due to their higher cost performance, so is the second-hand UV printer worth it? Is it worth buying?

To clarify this problem, we have to conduct an in-depth understanding of many aspects. First, let’s take a look at the market for UV printers sold in the second-hand market.

1. Merchants reselling second-hand equipment

As far as we know, the majority of equipment sold in the second-hand market are businesses that specialize in reselling second-hand equipment. They purchase equipment from companies or individuals at low prices, and after simple repairs and packaging, they re-sell them at 80% or 90% of new machines. Although machines like this are much cheaper, they may have problems themselves, and they do not have the core technology to provide customers with perfect after-sales service.

2. Boss who failed to start a business

In the second-hand market, there are some bosses who transfer UV printers because of poor management. Relatively speaking, the quality of such equipment is better, but after-sales service is also difficult to keep up. After all, service providers may not provide you with services. In this UV printer, the technology content is relatively high, and there are corresponding operating specifications and maintenance methods when using it. These all require the manufacturer to provide after-sale protection.

3. Manufacturer’s business personnel

There is another situation that is relatively rare, that is, the sales personnel of some manufacturers put products with poor quality control on the second-hand market. The main reason is drainage. Such printing equipment is already at the lowest price. No matter how you bargain, it is difficult to buy ultra-cheap equipment, but there is also one advantage, that is, they can provide the original manufacturer’s comprehensive after-sales service.

Is a second-hand UV printer worth buying? In summary, we believe that buying UV printers cannot be greedy for cheap. If conditions permit, it is best to go to the manufacturer for on-site inspections. It is more secure to buy a brand new one.


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