Is EVA non-slip mat suitable for UV printer printing?

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What is EVA?

EVA is a common soft material in our lives. It has the characteristics of good shock resistance, anti-skid, and strong resistance to pressure. As a new type of foam material, EVA material meets the latest national environmental testing standards, so it is often used to make slippers, protective covers, anti-slip mats, and other products. Let’s talk about EVA anti-slip mats below.


EVA anti-slip mat is a popular product that has been sold in the past two years. It is mainly used for various paddle boards and surfing. Its function is anti-skid, anti-vibration, and abrasion resistance. Its surface has been specially processed, and the patterns on the surface include thick straight strips, thin straight stripes, diamonds, beveled diamonds, squares, saw patterns, etc., which can be customized according to different requirements. As long as the design draft is provided, it will be printed. To produce a non-slip mat that customers are satisfied with, of course, you first need to have an EVA non-slip mat printer.


Why choose uv printer?

EVA anti-skid pad printing initially used thermal transfer technology, which is to paste a film on the surface of the EVA anti-skid pad and print the pattern on it through thermal transfer technology. However, this traditional thermal transfer process has been gradually eliminated by the market due to low efficiency and serious pollution, and UV printing technology has emerged. The UV flatbed printer has fast printing speed, high printing accuracy, high color reproduction, scratch resistance, and abrasion resistance. While improving printing efficiency, it also greatly reduces the cost for merchants. Therefore, it has been quickly promoted in the printing industry.


If you want to ask what equipment is used to print EVA anti-slip mats? 

Of course, choose the UV flatbed printer.


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