Is uv printer environmentally friendly or harmful?

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UV printers are becoming more and more popular today. Because of their own unique advantages and performance characteristics, more and more customers in the printing industry choose UV printers, such as the home improvement industry, building materials industry, advertising industry, and digital color printing industry, and include The traditional printing industry is using UV printers, but there are still many people who don’t know much about UV printers, and they don’t know that the products made by UV printers are not environmentally friendly, whether they are poisonous, or whether they are harmful to the human body, etc., We all know that UV printers mainly use inkjet methods to print patterns. As for the UV printer itself, it is a machine type and will not harm the human body. The main problem is the ink consumables used by the UV printer. So today I will explain UV Supplies for the printer.

Is UV ink harmful to the human body? This question will be analyzed in detail

First of all. Learn about the classification of uv color printer ink:

   1. Solvent ink (cured by solvent volatilization).

   2. Sublimation ink (cured by heating).

   3. Water-based ink (cured by heating).

   4. UV ink (cured by UV ultraviolet rays).

Second, analysis of harmful ingredients:

  Solvent ink, sublimation ink, and water-based ink all contain a lot of solvents and have a strong smell. Solvents are harmful to the human body. Long-term inhalation of solvent odors will cause chronic poisoning and have a certain carcinogenic rate. Therefore, the long-term operation of solvent ink, sublimation ink, and water-based ink machines is harmful to operators. The UV ink does not contain solvents and is mainly cured by ultraviolet rays.

The main components of UV ink:

1. Toner.

2. Resin.

3. Photoinitiator.

Advantages of UV ink:

It does not contain solvents, and it dries as soon as it is beaten. It has a low odor.

Finally, analyze the use of a UV printer:

   1. The UV printer belongs to a new type of digital color printing industry, which will not produce waste gas, wastewater, and pollution.

  2. UV printers use UV inks, including water-based pigment inks and uv oil-based inks, which contain no VOC volatile materials, no smell, and no formaldehyde.

  3, UV printer has no solid waste and has a wide range of applications, suitable for the home improvement and advertising industry


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