Japan’s TOSHIBA Toshiba head

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Japan’s TOSHIBA Toshiba head, Toshiba nozzle, and Konica’s technical authorization all come from xaar, Toshiba is more obvious, the Ca4 and Ca2 of xaar318 can be seen in Toshiba’s Ca series. At present, there are very few manufacturers using Toshiba heads in China.

Japan's TOSHIBA Toshiba head

CE2 6-90PL 636 nozzles print width 53.7mm

CA4 6-90PL 318 nozzles print width 53.6mm

CA5 3PL 318 nozzles Print width 53.6mm Ignition frequency: 17.9KHZ

CA5 12PL 600DPI Ignition frequency: 17.9KHZ

CA5 42PL 300DPI Ignition frequency: 17.9KHZ

CA3 6-42PL 318 nozzles print width 53.6mm

CB1 6-42PL 318 nozzles print width 53.6mm

CF1/CF1L 6-42PL 636 nozzles Print width 53.7mm 300DPI Ignition frequency: 5.7KHZ

CK1/CK1L 6-42PL/51-90PL 636 nozzles Printing width 53.66mm 300DPI Ignition frequency: 4.97KHZ/4.8KHZ, the internal structure of CK1/CK1L and CF1/CF1L is different

CF1XL 36-180PL 4.8KHZ 24m/min 6GS


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