Methods of saving ink for UV printers

Table Of Contents

One, The use of economic model

Strictly follow the basic rules of ink saving, and use the economic model of UV printers rationally. UV printers have added the “economic development copy method” effect to the general public’s j machine. Using this type of method can save nearly half of the ink, and can further increase the printing speed.

Two, Use up the last drop of black ink

When the ink of the UV printer runs out, the printer will prompt the customer to replace the ink cartridge, and many people will immediately replace the new ink cartridge. In fact, there is a small amount of residual black ink on the UV board, we can use the software of the controller or the device itself to organize it several times and use it again.

Third, prevent frequent correct guidance

Since the equipment must be automatically identified every time it is started, it is not only time used, but also involves the finishing of the printing head and the canned ink transportation system. It is inevitable to consume some ink. It is best to start the printer once a day.


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