Micolorprint Personalized Food Printing Technology and Edible Ink Printing Solutions

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The times are developing and technology is advancing, especially the emergence and rapid development of the Internet, which has injected unprecedented vitality into people’s social needs. People’s demand for personalized consumption is getting stronger and stronger, and personalized food printing has quietly entered our lives.

At present, the realization technologies of personalized food printing are mainly divided into three types:

①3D printing technology directly prints food.

②Pre-printed on the sugar paper, and then placed on the food.

③ Print patterns directly on the food.

For the first technology, it can be understood as replacing the consumables in the 3D printer with chocolate, carbohydrates, or protein powder, but due to the high cost of 3D printing equipment and use, the taste of the printed food cannot be very attractive The appearance of it is so difficult that it is still difficult to popularize it on a large scale.

The second technology, the technology of pre-printing on sugar paper, is very common, especially on birthday cakes. Our company has many mature cases in this regard.

The third technology is the edible ink printing solution that our company focuses on promoting. This solution solves the pain point of sugar paper taste and the cost of 3D printing technology. This technology allows the perfect combination of food and custom patterns.

At present, we have developed a variety of food surfaces, such as cookies, pastries, ice cream, ice cream, eggs, chocolate, macarons, marshmallows, etc.

Our food printing solutions

1. Sugar paper transfer

Pre-printed onto sugar paper and then placed on food, especially birthday cakes, we have a lot of proven examples of this.

2. Printing directly on the surface of the food

Edible Ink Printing Solutions – This technology allows the perfect combination of food and custom graphics.

In the process of food printing, we recommend building a good operating environment for food printing equipment to ensure that the temperature and humidity are controllable and sterile, otherwise, food safety will be difficult to guarantee. After years of technical accumulation, Shenzhen Micolorprint Technology Co., Ltd. has produced a high degree of color reproduction and a delicate picture, bringing customers a very good visual sensory enjoyment.

For the special field of food printing, which involves the domestic food industry, it is necessary to consider food industry regulations and comply with international regulations, such as the use of food additives and pigments allowed in the national standard. In addition, the national standard also clearly stipulates the dosage of food additives, pigments, etc., which must not exceed the limit requirements, because excessive addition will cause potential lesions and cancer risks to the human body.

Therefore, whether it is research and development, production of food, or innovation of edible printing ink, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant requirements of food additives and pigments in the national standard regulations.

Shenzhen Micolorprint Technology Co., Ltd. is located in national independent innovation. Founded in 2015, it is a technology-based enterprise integrating research and development, production, and sales of edible inks. It is also a pioneer and leader in the field of edible inks in China. Shenzhen Micolorprint Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to integrity management, fulfills corporate social responsibility, and provides the industry with effective, healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly personalized food printing technology solutions.


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