Please pay attention to the following dangerous operations when using UV printers

Table Of Contents

1. Adjust the nozzle by brute force

   Use external force to regulate the nozzle position non-standard. Whether it’s changing or fine-tuning the print head, don’t use brute force, please treat the print head carefully in line with the quality.

2. Negligence of working ground

  UV printer printing is greatly tormented by electricity, so you ought to always check the connection of the bottom wire equipment, and often sprinkle a bit of saltwater around the ground wire.

3. Switch the circuit at will

within the condition of not turning off the facility and turning on the sunshine and alienating the most power, you’ll install and take away the UV flatbed printer circuit at will. This behavior will damage the service life of each system and endanger the sprinkler.

4. Cleaning isn’t turned off in the facility

don’t listen to the upkeep of circuit boards and other internal systems during cleaning. Please shut down the facility when cleaning, and watch out to not let the water hit the circuit card and other internal systems.

5. Use poor-quality cleaning fluid

   Use inferior cleaning fluid to scrub the nozzle. The head is incredibly easy to be contaminated and worn, so please use the manufacturer’s designated product and also the product that has passed the standard inspection to scrub the nozzle.

6. Air mass cleaning nozzle

after you stop cleaning the nozzle, if the nozzle is slightly blocked, it’s recommended to use a home appliance to scrub out the dust, so stop the careful cleaning. don’t use this method.

7. Soak cleaning nozzle

   Although the cleaning fluid is simpler when the nozzle is soaked within the cleaning fluid for an extended time, the cleaning fluid is corrosive. If the time exceeds 48 hours, it’ll affect the nozzle itself. Therefore, it’s generally only necessary to require an appropriate amount and introduce it into the nozzle to prevent cleaning.

8. Sonic cleaning nozzle

   Use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash the nozzle for a protracted time. In fact, if you always listen to the upkeep of the nozzle, there’s basically no have to stop the ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasound will adversely affect the nozzle. However, if the infarction is severe and ultrasonic cleaning is required, the cleaning time is 3 minutes. If it’s not cleaned once, please sit up for the nozzle to chill all the way down to a traditional state before stopping the second cleaning.

9. Use poor-quality ink

  Add different batches of ink at will, or use inferior ink or cleaning fluid. the blending of two different configurations of ink will change the color and quality of the ink, and also the quality of the ink will affect the printing effect and block the nozzle, which can damage the lifetime of the nozzle.


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