Principle and application of 5-color printing effect of uv printer

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The 5-color printing function of the UV printer can meet the needs of daily printing. These five colors are (c-cyan, m-red, y-yellow, k-black, and w-white), and other colors can be adjusted by color software. Taking into account the requirements of high-quality printing or customization, the color of UV printers can add LC (light blue), LM (light red), LK (light black), LLK (light black), and spot colors (orange, purple, green).

   Generally speaking, the UV printer is equipped with 5 colors, but the number of corresponding nozzles is different. Some require one nozzle, some require three nozzles, and some require five nozzles. 

The reason is that the types of nozzles are different, for example:

  1 Epson head, 8 rows of channels, one row of channels can produce one color, and then one nozzle can produce five colors, maybe six colors plus two whites or eight colors.

   2 Ricoh 5 nozzles. If one head has two colors, five colors require three heads.

The 5-color printing function of a UV printer can meet the following requirements:

  1. Generally colorful printing, printing colorful pictures on transparent materials, black materials, and dark materials;

  2. 3D effect, printing 3D effect pictures on the surface of the material;

  3. Relief effect, the uneven pattern on the surface of the material, strong sense of hierarchy.

If the 5-color printing effect of the UV printer is not perfect, how to upgrade?

  1 Hardware: add nozzles, ink cartridges, ink channels, pressurized version, and other components;

  2 Software: Upgrade the original control software and color software.

  In this way, the UV printer can complete 7-color, 8-color, 9-color printing, and other colors.


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