Reasons and solutions for poor ink output of food cake macaron printer

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During the use of daily equipment, it is inevitable that food cake macaron printers will experience poor ink output and very little unevenness. Especially in the field of civilian heads, this situation is more likely to occur on heads with small head diameters, resulting in There are three reasons for this problem:

1. Climate reasons

When the outside temperature is too low or too high, it will cause the edible ink itself to condense, the fluency will be damaged, and the volatilization will be abnormal.

Solution: When the weather is hot in summer, add an air conditioner in the workshop to keep it ventilated, and don’t place the food cake macaron printer in direct sunlight. When the temperature is cold in winter, turn on the heater, use a small sun to warm the position of the car, or install a heating sheet at the position of the ink outlet of the head.

Keep the food cake macaron printer at a temperature between 15°-40° and humidity between 30%-70%.

2. The reason for the head

The blockage of the head hole of the head leads to abnormal ink output, broken needles, missing thread, and so on. It is necessary to press the ink to clean the head and observe whether there is a waterfall-style flow line in the state of inkjet. If it doesn’t work, you need to clean the head with a cleaning solution. If it is serious, you need to disassemble the head and perform ultrasonic cleaning after soaking. If it doesn’t work, you need to replace the head. In the daily maintenance process, the status diagram of the head needs to be printed out every day for observation.

3. Ink supply system failure

On many manually adjusted food cake macaron printers, the negative pressure value is easily too low or too high, which affects the normal flow of edible ink. When this happens, it is necessary to adjust the negative pressure immediately. If possible, you can directly upgrade the negative pressure system to avoid this situation.


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