Seiko SPT-SRC1800 Print Head Brief Introduction

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Seiko SPT-SRC1800 print head is a high-performance industrial print head with high-precision internal circulation. Based on high performance and high reliability, it provides an efficient, reasonable, and extensive monochrome ink circulation structure for special application fields such as ceramics, UV, and textiles. With print head durability, multi-type ink adaptability, and low-cost operation, the 76mm print width provides the perfect solution for industrial inkjet applications.

Seiko SPT-SRC1800 print head

Support one print head 1 color and one print head two-color printing

1. A total of 1800 heads for a single head, supporting one-color and one-color printers

2. Single head 600dpi, double color 300dpi

Real print head bottom inner circulation print head

1. Self-repair: During the printing process, the head automatically repairs the problem of ink breakage caused by foaming and dust;

2. When using a special ink, it can prevent precipitation and head drying;

3. No need to clean the head regularly, reducing unnecessary ink waste;

4. By keeping the ink flowing and maintaining a stable viscosity and temperature, stable print head printing is obtained, and the color difference of printing color is also improved;

5. The non-degassed water-based ink can also be easily initialized and refilled, which can simplify the online degassing device.

Independent orifice technology

1. The head-independent wall technology can realize high-speed ignition frequency printing;

2. Effectively isolate the interference of adjacent heads and improve the life of the heads.

head surface friction resistance

The surface material of the head hole enhances the hardness and is resistant to scratches.

Variable cycle

Supports no loop, full loop, and interval loop.

Various types of ink

1. Support oily, UV, solvent, and water-based ink;

2. Supports inks with larger particles such as large particle pigments and functional glaze inks.

Technical parameter

head model: SRC1800

Number of Nozzle holes: 1800

head width: 76mm

Physical Accuracy: 600DPI

head color: single color, support double color

Jet speed: 8m/s@2mm

Ink drop size: 6PL-50PL/40Khz

Grayscale: 8 levels

Circulation volume: 50ml/min

Ink type: oil-based, UV, solvent, water-based


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