Several simple printing troubleshooting methods for uv flatbed printers

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Flat UV printers will have some minor faults during use, and the problem is not big. If we can master some simple maintenance and troubleshooting knowledge of the cause of the fault, we will try our best to solve it by ourselves, which will be much more convenient. . Yesterday we talked about the troubleshooting methods for the faults of blank printing and black printing. Today, the Micolorprint printer will tell you about other simple but common troubleshooting methods for deviations in printing results.

One: The pattern printed by the flatbed printer is light: 

The color of the pattern printed by the UV printer is light, which may be caused by the ink being too dry, the ink type being incorrect, the air intake in the ink pipe, the printer’s working temperature is too high, and the nozzle is blocked. If it’s an ink problem, it’s easy, just change the ink. If it is the air intake of the ink pipe, it is necessary to discharge the air before working. If the working time of the machine is too long and the working temperature of the printer is too high, we need to suspend the work for a period of time and wait for the temperature to drop before working again. If the nozzle is clogged, we need to clean the nozzle (please pay attention to the correct cleaning steps: UV printer nozzle cleaning and maintenance methods).

Two: The flat UV printer prints the pattern while being clear and then becomes fuzzy: 

The printer prints the pattern while being clear and becomes fuzzy. This kind of failure probability is very small and rarely occurs. The main reason for the failure is that the print head guide rail and the print roller are not parallel, which causes the distance between the two to be close and far. This situation can be resolved by adjusting the distance between the print head guide rail and the print roller. The specific method is: first loosen the adjustment tabs on both sides of the print head guide rail, then turn the adjustment tabs counterclockwise to narrow the gap and adjust the print head guide rail to be parallel to the print roller. Be sure to pay attention to the direction when adjusting. This is a skilled practice. If you are the first time, you can adjust it gradually, and try to print while adjusting until the problem no longer occurs.

Some failures of UV printers are actually very simple. As long as we find the cause of the failure based on our knowledge, as long as it is not too big a problem, we try our best to solve it by ourselves, which saves time and money. In fact, as long as we are using the printer to operate correctly and pay attention to daily maintenance, there will be no such failures.


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