Some tips for using Micolorprint UV flatbed printer

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Here are some tips for using UV flatbed printers

1. Do not lift the printing platform to move, but lift the bottom of the machine

When moving the flatbed printer, be careful not to lift the printing platform to move, but to lift the bottom of the machine, you can buckle the housing part with both hands to realize the mobile flatbed printer.

2. After the printing plate is powered on, it can be easily connected to the USB interface line by lowering it

When I saw the flatbed printer for the first time, many customers said that the USB interface cable is not easy to plug in. In fact, it is easy to connect as long as the printing flatbed is lowered after powering on.

3. The way to add ink to the flatbed printer

Generally speaking, flat-panel printers now seen are nothing more than two ink supply methods:

1) Independent ink cartridge

2) Continuous ink supply system

But these two ink supply systems have a complete set of similar working components, ink cartridges, nozzles, cleaning units, ink tubes, and waste ink bottles. When refilling ink or when the ink tube is blocked, you can use a common medical syringe to pump air at the bottom of the ink cartridge until ink enters the syringe, or you can pump ink from the ink tube at the mouth of the waste ink bottle.

4. Adjust the height of the UV flatbed printer

Generally, the popular flat-panel printers in the market mainly use infrared to detect the height of the object. The object must be placed before the printing instruction is issued. If the surface of the printed item is uneven, you must pay attention to adjusting the height of the nozzle and the printed product before printing. Wrecked the nozzle.

5. Eliminate static electricity

Generally, the current manufacturers have not paid attention to it. In fact, static electricity can sometimes cause great damage. You can connect an external wire to the metal case, and the external wire can be grounded.

6. Just spray one layer or silk screen once on the printing surface of the object

When spraying a coating on a printed product, many people say that the coating is not good. To be honest, the coating actually requires a certain amount of technology. When you understand the real purpose of the coating, you think it is very simple, so don’t let the sales clerk fool you. The function of the coating is to absorb the ink and use it for imaging. Therefore, when spraying the layer, you only need to spray a layer or silk screen once on the surface of the object to be printed. It does not need to be too thick. The coating does not need to be too thick, and the adhesion is very good. Some manufacturers say that the coating should be sprayed thicker for adhesion. Such a statement is unscientific, and it also increases the cost.

7. How to deal with pictures with streaks

The printed picture has streaks. If the printed product has streaks, there are generally two possibilities:

1) The thing storing the data is dirty.

2) It may be that the nozzle is hit or the nozzle is blocked.

8. Head drop ink processing method

When the ink dripping from the head occurs, most of the printed products will be defective. There are two possibilities in this situation:

1) The rubber ring of the cleaning unit is not properly sealed.

2) After the head was hit, ink droplets gathered on the bottom of the head.

In the first case, it is OK to replace the rubber sealing ring. In the second case, you need to wipe the bottom of the head with a cotton ball.


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