Summary of common problems for novices using UV flatbed printers

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For friends who have never been in touch with flatbed printers, they will definitely encounter them during the operation, and they don’t know where to start first; when the machine reports errors, they are nervous and worried; the printing effect is not satisfactory, but they don’t know how to solve these common problems. The problem. Here, Micolorprint lists some common problems for everyone to learn and refer to in order to facilitate the correct use of the machine for all novices:

  Where should the UV printer be filled with ink, and should it be filled up?

  Answer: There will be many customers. After receiving the printer, if they want to see the printing effect, they need to add ink, but they don’t read the manual and operation video CD provided by the manufacturer carefully, and directly add the ink to the small ink cartridge; The customer believes that the ink must be filled up. In fact, this approach is wrong. On the left side of the flatbed printer, there is a specially marked “Ink Refill”. Open the small door and you can see a row of “ink bottles”, where you should add ink. When refilling ink, do not fill it up all at once, just add half of it, because the printer’s continuous supply ink cartridges and refillable ink cartridges have different working principles. If you fill up very full, there will be no air pressure on the one hand and ink cannot be supplied to the small ink cartridges. Ink leads to a lack of ink in printing; on the other hand, it is also prone to ink dripping in printing. In addition, pay more attention to the order in which the ink is added. You cannot add the wrong ink. After filling the ink, you need to pay attention not to plug both holes on the ink bottle, because one of the small holes is the ink filling hole, which should be plugged after filling; the other is the vent hole, and the air filter is inserted on it.

  The printing platform of the UV flatbed printer is so long, how do change the positioning of the object to be printed?

  Answer: Many customers are eager to see the effects of the printer. After adding the ink, they are anxious to print things, but they have difficulty facing the flatbed and do not know where to put the material. In fact, this requires the user to carefully read the user manual and operate the video CD. There is a special explanation on how to determine the printing coordinate line. After confirming the X and Y coordinates, you can determine the output coordinates in the relevant drawing software to make sure the pattern is accurately hit in the corresponding area.

  Why do the two lights in the middle flash at the same time during the boot process or after the print command is issued?

  Answer: There are several reasons for this problem. It may be that after turning off the power, the user did not notice that the platform was still outside. After waiting for a while, it did not return to its initial position. After turning it on again, an error will be reported; or it may be sending a print command. When the platform was still outside, it did not return to its original position. The above two situations are caused by the flatbed printer platform not in the initial position. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the position of the platform before shutting down and printing. There are multiple printing tasks in the computer. In this case, just delete the printing tasks. The operation steps are: click the “start” menu at the bottom left of the computer-find the printer and fax items-select double-click the printer icon- Just delete all the print tasks in it. There may also be a software setting error. In this case, the user needs to read the manual carefully and set the correct printing options in the relevant drawing software step by step.

  During the printing process, the printing had not yet been completed, the platform suddenly moved out, the carriage returned to its place, and there was no error reported on the UV flatbed printer keypad. Why?

  Answer: It may be that the USB cable is loose, you need to check the USB cable; there may be a problem with the printer driver, uninstall the printer driver, restart the computer, and reinstall the driver. If the above two methods do not work, you need to check the C drive to see if the disk space is insufficient; you can also try another computer. There is also to check whether the input voltage is stable.

  Why does the paper jam light turn red during printing?

  Answer: One case of this error is caused by a wrong print setting, that is, the size of the printed picture cannot be larger than the printer’s default paper size; another case is that the platform cannot move normally due to resistance or collision during the movement, so When placing the flatbed printer, be sure to leave enough space for the platform to move.

  The last time it was used, it was normal. When I used it this time, I suddenly found that the printed pattern was color-shifting. Is the print head broken?

  Answer: First, do a nozzle inspection to see if there is a lack of color. If you find some colors and the patterns are seriously damaged, you must first clean the print head, and then do the nozzle check to ensure that each color is excellent and normal. Then print it again. Many people ignore the daily nozzle check. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a good habit of doing a nozzle check before turning on the machine every day and then doing a print test. The test result is normal before the formal printing can be carried out, otherwise, it will easily cause color differences.

  During the printing process, it is found that the pattern has left and right shadows. Is this the print head broken?

  Answer: It may be that the grating strips on the upper end of the carriage rails are dirty. Just wipe the grating strips clean with a cotton cloth or paper towel. The position of grating strip is at the upper end of the carriage rail and is a transparent long strip. Many customers do not pay attention to maintenance when using the printer, the operating environment is very dirty and messy, and there is waste ink on the platform of the machine, which will affect the normal operation of the machine. The grating strip is a precision component. If there is dust or even ink on it, the sensor on the back of the carriage will not work properly, which will cause double images in the printed result. In fact, when the printer was started, the carriage suddenly hit the left side and made a huge noise. This is a problem with the grating strips. If the grating strips are very dirty, the grating strip sensor must be wiped. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the printer is clean when using the flatbed printer.

  The nozzle check last time was normal, but the color was missing this time, and the nozzle was cleaned. Why?

  Answer: This situation is mostly caused by too much waste ink on the surface of the cleaning unit. The cleaning unit has multiple functions such as removing excess waste ink, cleaning the nozzles, sealing the nozzles, etc. In the case of long-term use and no regular maintenance, the waste ink will accumulate on the surface of the cleaning unit and air dry, which greatly affects the normality of the cleaning unit. jobs. The print head of the flatbed printer is not well protected, causing some clogging of the nozzles, resulting in a color shortage in printing.

  Why does the printer move very slowly during startup or printing?

  Answer: This may be due to the lack of lubricating oil on the carriage rails, just apply sewing machine oil to the carriage rails.

        Generally speaking, if you want to avoid the above problems, you need not rush to operate after receiving the flatbed printer, first carefully read the user manual and operation video CD, get a detailed understanding, and then get started. It is also necessary to develop a good habit of careful care and maintenance in daily use, so as to reduce failures, prolong the service life, and normal and smooth production. Micolorprint sincerely serves you, welcome to come to the factory for a sample test, visit, and inspection! The quality and service of Micolorprint machines are worthy of your trust!


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