T-shirt printer VS UV flatbed printer

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T-shirt printers are also called T-shirt printing machines, digital printing machines, direct-injection printing machines, clothing printing machines, etc. If you look at it directly from the appearance, it is easy to confuse the two. Both sides have metal platforms, heads, and nozzles. Wait, and the apparent size and the size of the UV flatbed printer are basically the same. But the two are not universal, the specific differences are as follows:

1. Different consumable nozzles

T-shirt printers use water-based textile inks. Most of the ink bottles are transparent white bottles. The nozzles used are mainly Epson series water-based nozzles. There are 4720 nozzles and XP600 nozzles. Some T-shirt printing machines will also use the Starlight series. Of nozzles. The UV flatbed printer uses UV ink, and opaque bottle packaging, mainly in black, and some manufacturers use dark bottles such as brown. The nozzles used are mainly oily heads in the Toshiba nozzle, Seiko nozzle, Ricoh nozzle, and EPSON nozzle series.

2. Different printing fields

T-shirt printers are mainly for cotton, linen, silk, canvas, denim, and other fabrics and a small number of leather materials, while UV flatbed printers are based on rigid plates such as glass, tiles, metal, wood, or soft leather, mousepads, and handicrafts. Most of the classes.

3. Different drying and curing principles

The T-shirt printer uses an external heating drying + drying method to attach the pattern to the surface of the material; the UV flatbed printer uses the principle of ultraviolet light curing and solidification emitted by the UV-led lamp. Of course, there are still a small number of UV flatbed printers on the market that use mercury lamp heating to cure, but this will become less and less and will be gradually eliminated.

It should be noted that T-shirt printers and UV flatbed printers are not universal, nor can they be used simply by replacing the ink path system and curing system. The internal motherboard system, color software, control program, etc. are also different. When choosing, make a targeted selection based on what kind of product you have.


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