Talking about the main components of uv dtf printer ink

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Recently, many customers have inquired about the chemical composition of uv dtf printer ink. Shenzhen Micolorprint will talk about the chemical composition of uv dtf printer ink. UV dtf printer ink, also known as uv ink, is a kind of most materials (except textile fabrics) Generally speaking, uv dtf printer ink is a kind of ink that expresses graphic and text information by spraying on a predetermined area on the surface of the substrate by the action of the electric field force between the nozzle of the inkjet flatbed printer and the substrate. “Liquid Ink”. Inkjet ink can be regarded as the blood of the inkjet system. The performance of inkjet ink directly affects the output quality of inkjet images, and some even affect the smooth progress of inkjet operation.

The general characteristics of uv dtf printer ink are stable physical and chemical properties, non-corrosive to metal objects such as nozzles, in addition, it is not swallowed by bacteria, and it is not easy to be burned and faded; the ink has good sprayability and drying performance. It is not easy to block the nozzles in the middle, nor does it dry on the nozzle wall, but the ink can dry and firmly adhere to the surface of various types of printing materials after being ejected; the printing properties of ink such as color density, viscosity, surface tension, etc. meet the needs of digital printing , because the ink affects the color vividness of the inkjet printed image, and the viscosity and surface tension directly affect the normal operation of the inkjet.

Since eco-solvent inks take into account some of the advantages of water-based inks and solvent-based inks, it can be said that it has developed rapidly between water-based inks and solvent-based inks.

Eco-solvent ink characteristics (ink characteristics of UV dtf printers)

(1) Beautiful and rich colors, realistic effects, wide color gamut, excellent color expression;

(2) Waterproof, wear-resistant, and not easy to discolor.

(3) Imported raw materials are used, with good dispersion stability and no plugging;

(4) Long-lasting outdoor performance, can resist the influence of UV light, and prevent color fading;

(5) Does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone, and other toxic solvents, with minimal taste;

(6) Good adhesion, quick-drying;

To sum up: Eco-solvent ink has been widely used in the uv printer and photo machine industry.


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