The development status of clothing VS clothing production technology

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Clothing is an indispensable thing in people’s lives. It not only provides people with beauty and dignity but also provides people with comfort and health. Clothing is not only a symbol of human civilization and progress but also a part of a country’s and national culture and art. Therefore, for a nation’s clothing, it develops continuously along with the continuation and development of the national culture. It not only specifically reflects people Their lifestyle and living standards but also vividly reflects the change and sublimation of people’s ideology and aesthetic concepts.

The clothing appeared in the early stages of the development of human society. 

In ancient times, people used animal skins, hemp fibers, and grass to make clothes to keep warm from the cold; in the Yanhuang period, the Yellow Emperor made clothes, and Lei Zu invented silkworm reeling. Humans began to have simple textile production and artificially cultivated textiles. Raw materials are used to make clothing; in feudal society, the variety of clothing materials has also increased, and the production tools have evolved from simple to complex, with different production methods, and more and more types of clothing; in the Sui and Tang dynasties, the rulers also imposed strict rules on clothing. The grade regulations of the Chinese government make clothing a symbol of power. Linen cloth is widely used in daily clothing, and silk is generally used as skirt material. With the increase in foreign exchanges between China, clothing styles also affect each other. For example, Tuanhua’s clothing is influenced by Persia. While wearing Indian-style clothing “cassock”, today’s kimono still retains the clothing style of the Tang Dynasty in China; in the Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties, the clothing styles were mostly wide-sleeved, and the outer garments were mostly robes; in the Qing Dynasty, Manchu styles such as Manchu coats and cheongsam were popular. Workers wear short jackets and trousers; in modern times, due to the development of the textile industry, the variety and quantity of fabrics available for making clothing have increased, which has promoted clothing production; after the Revolution of 1911, especially after the May Fourth Movement, the characteristics of western clothing were absorbed. Chinese tunic suits, student suits, etc. began to appear; after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, tunic suits have almost become popular clothing nationwide, and gowns have almost disappeared; in modern times, with the emergence of a large number of high-quality fabrics, clothing styles have also developed, and clothing design has become a branch of arts and crafts. , While garment production has realized industrialized mass production, with more and more styles.

With the development of human civilization and the gradual change of aesthetics, clothing printing has also been widely developed and applied. The evolution process from vegetable dyes to today’s chemical dyes presents human beings with beautiful sensory enjoyment and comfort to the greatest extent. At the same time, in order to reflect beauty and comfort, a large number of discharge dyes, thermosetting inks, etc. are used in clothing. However, this has also brought great harm to humans, such as formaldehyde, azo, PVC, heavy metals, etc., which continue to erode human health, and at the same time bring incalculable damage to the environment.

How to find a balance between beauty, comfort, health, and environmental protection? 

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The effect picture printed by Micolorprint smart digital color printer on clothing:


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