The difference between UV printer head cleaning and ink extraction

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The UV printer is easy to operate, convenient, and quick to use. With the use of time, you may encounter some failures in use, the most common is the failure of the nozzle. In the production of flatbed printers, the print head may be broken. There are two ways to solve this problem. One is to draw ink and the other is to clean. But what is the difference between cleaning and ink extraction? Here Micolorprint will explain to everyone.

        When the print head of the flatbed printer is disconnected, the cleaning and ink extraction operations have the same effect, which is to suck ink from the nozzle. However, due to the difference in ink fluidity, the actual effect achieved is different.

Draw ink

        When the ink fluidity is not good or the nozzle is clogged but not serious, choosing the ink absorption operation between cleaning and ink absorption can quickly solve the problem of nozzle disconnection, but cleaning cannot. Because when cleaning the nozzle of the UV machine, the nozzle will have a spraying process to eject all the ink in the nozzle. Although the nozzle cleaning is completed, there is no ink in the nozzle and the ink fluidity is not good. Failure to replenish the nozzle in time will cause the ink ejected by the nozzle to still be disconnected.

Head cleaning

        When the ink fluidity is good, cleaning and pumping the nozzles of the flatbed printer with broken lines can achieve the effect of solving the problem.

        When a UV flatbed printer encounters a failure, we must first analyze why it encounters such a failure. There are several solutions. Which solution is more suitable for solving the current situation, and will not cause trouble for future production work? After the failure is resolved, find the cause of the failure, and do a good job of maintenance and maintenance in this area to prevent the failure from recurring.


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