The help of UV flatbed printer to the advertising industry

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We know that there are several printers commonly used by advertising companies, among which the common ones are UV flatbed printers, ordinary photo printers, photo printers, and so on. With the continuous changes in market demand, advertising and printing materials are becoming more and more extensive. Ordinary photo printers have been difficult to meet the needs of customers, and UV flatbed printers have become irreplaceable printing equipment in the advertising industry because of their excellent printing accuracy and speed.


Let’s analyze several advantages of UV flatbed printers in the advertising industry:

1. Advanced printing technology

The UV flatbed printer does not need to make a plate, the full-color image is completed at one time, the effect is good, the rejection rate is low, the printing efficiency is greatly improved, and it can create more business opportunities and profits for the company.

2. Wide range of applications

The UV flatbed printer is almost free from material restrictions, breaking through the difficulty of processing traditional art and personalized products, and can win more orders for customers.

3. Personalization

Personalized printing has always been a difficult point in the advertising industry, and the emergence of UV flatbed printers has solved this problem well. For customers, they can make any changes to the design draft on the computer, and print it directly to achieve a photo-level effect when satisfied.

4. Green and environmental protection

UV printing is currently one of the most environmentally friendly printing process methods. It requires inkjet, no waste, no waste water pollution, no noise in the operation of the equipment, and real green environmental protection in the true sense.

In recent years, UV flatbed printers are growing at a rapid rate. In the future, the traditional physical advertising business has fallen behind, and it will be imperative to replace new UV printing equipment.


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