The importance of good UV printer ink adhesion

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Before finding a treatment plan to improve the adhesion of UV inks, we need to understand what will happen due to poor adhesion.

When UV flatbed printers are working, we have encountered some media that have unsatisfactory adhesion, such as the appearance of the ink layer. Pieces are scattered, the one-hundred grid test fails, and the ink is removed by hand. Poor ink adhesion has a great impact on the graphics and text effects. The adhesion cannot meet the requirements, and the key functions such as accuracy, speed, and weather resistance cannot be completed. UV flatbed printers lose their market significance.

The way to improve the adhesion of UV flatbed printers can be considered from the following aspects. 

  1. The first thing is to stop adjusting the ink formulation and choose oligomers and reactive diluents with reduced volume gain to reduce the internal content generated during the curing process. Stress and the formation of swelling, permeation, and other effects on the substrate. To strengthen the adhesion effect of UV flatbed printers, 
  2. The second is to add tackifiers to UV inks, but it is necessary to control the amount of addition and environmental issues. Then there are the pre-treatment cleaning process standards of the media printing surface and the construction standards of inkjet printing. Then there is the medium itself. 
  3. The medium is also divided into polar and non-polar media. It is difficult to adhere to the medium with low external tension. It can be treated by chemical, corona treatment, or pre-treatment with a special coating before printing.

Among the many ways to improve the adhesion of UV flatbed printers, we can see that the change of the medium is generally not ideal or will destroy the appearance of the medium. It does not necessarily mean that the adhesion problem can be improved after changing the appearance of the medium. , Cleaning and other tasks can be done. However, the current mainstream pre-press coating plan has concerns about safety and environmental protection in some special industries, such as toxicity and corrosiveness. Therefore, the modification of the ink formula or the addition of a non-toxic and harmless tackifier is more sustainable, but this problem is also overcome and improved by all UV printer manufacturers, especially UV ink manufacturers from time to time.


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