The solution to white bars appearing on UV flatbed printers during printing

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It is very convenient to use a UV flatbed printer to print documents and pictures. We know that complete text and complete pictures are the basic requirements of the printer. If the text is missing or the white line is broken, and the picture is also a white horizontal bar, it means that the printer is malfunctioning. The editor below will share with you the related problems and solutions to the white line failure of the UV flatbed printer. Let’s take a look. Bar!

One. When printing, there are horizontal lines, white bars or text images are light, color cast, and fuzzy

        Solution: The ink tube enters into the gas or the print head has residue. Start the printer’s automatic cleaning program flow to clean the print head a few times, or turn off the printer for a few hours, and the situation can generally get better.

Two. The printing is shifted up and down, and the image is blurred

  Solution: if the optical fiber sensor is stained or damaged, clean the optical fiber sensor; adjust the double compensation, the Internet correction is wrong; adjust the aspect ratio of the nozzle fixing bracket.

Three. When the UV flatbed printer prints the test strip, there is only a small hairy tail in a certain color, no solid frame, blurry ghosting when digging the picture, or other similar conditions


   1. Check the connection between the nozzle controller and the nozzle and whether the nozzle adapter plate is loose, and ensure that the mobile phone charging lines are not connected to each other when the device is working. If it is not plugged in, please stand by first, then plug in the mobile phone charging cable, wait for more than ten minutes, and then start. (Note: Never plug in the mobile phone charging cable during induction power-up).

   2. The nozzle is destroyed.

   3. The print head controller or computer motherboard is not good.

   4. The length of the print interface is prohibited, and there is a significant PASS stamp when digging the map.


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