The two main causes and four tips of UV printer blockage are repaired immediately

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In the process of operating UV printers for printing production jobs, everyone may encounter head clogging, which harms normal production and printing. It will cause the print job to press the pause button, which will have a great impact. How can we effectively remedy this worrying reality without delaying production tasks? The following two main reasons will be discussed with you:

The two main reasons for the clogging of the nozzle of UV printers, the problem can be solved efficiently by finding the problem

1. Ink deposition and clogging, this is a very high probability situation, so pay more attention

After the UV printer is working, the head is not tightly sealed or is not used for a long time. The evaporation of water in the ink causes the ink particles to solidify and block the head hole. Therefore, the ink cannot completely flow out when the UV printer next time, resulting in disconnection and abnormality. Print.

 2. Two different inks are mixed together. This should be avoided. We must pay attention to this problem, and we can’t get rid of this small detail.

The UV ink used in UV printers has a great impact on the print head. The chemical composition of inks of different brands is different. Mixed use can easily lead to chemical reactions, which can lead to printing failures, such as broken lines, color loss, and blurred texture. Therefore, when buying UV inks, it is necessary to weigh and choose the right ink. Choose the matching ink from the UV printer manufacturer to ensure the quality and the normal operation of the after-sales service. Failures caused by the use of non-manufacturer inks are not warranted. of.

After understanding the two major causes of UV printer blockage, we will teach you how to quickly remedy the blockage from four aspects, and resume production and printing as soon as possible without delaying production:

1. You can use the head cleaning function in the UV printer driver, and the operation is simple and convenient, but sometimes the cleaning effect is not ideal, and sometimes it needs to be cleaned with other steps to solve the problem.

2. If you find a slight disconnection fault, you should pay attention. It is usually caused by the high viscosity of the ink on the nozzle. Sometimes it only adheres to the surface of the head. Generally speaking, you can dip the original ink and clean it. It is a very effective way to restore it several times so that it will not cause any physical damage. The disadvantage is that it wastes ink and the cost is high.

3. Sometimes it is caused by chemical solidification or impurity in the head. In this case, the nozzle needs to be installed and removed. The problem can be solved by soaking and flushing with the nozzle cleaning solution provided by the manufacturer. The cleaning effect is good.

4. If it is found that the head blockage is more serious, you need to slowly inject the head of the UV printer with a syringe equipped with the head cleaning solution provided by the manufacturer, to quickly dissolve the dry ink, or use a special ultrasonic machine to clean it. But the disadvantage is that the head is a little worn out, but special problems are treated specially, everything has two sides, and the problem can be solved.


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