Three groups of people are not suitable for using uv printers

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Before telling that uv printers are not suitable for those people, let’s understand two actual situations.

One: The development of the uv printer industry has only been in the early 15 years, and this industry belongs to a small branch of the civilian short-run printing field. There are no large-scale scientific research institutions and capital to enter, resulting in the slow development of the technology in the entire industry, without leaps and bounds. develop. Therefore, it is not as mature and stable as printers, copiers, and screen printing machines as everyone understands.

Second: The technology gap in the entire industry is very large. First-class uv printer manufacturers can configure equipment with 16 heads, 32 heads, 64 heads, 128 heads, or even more heads, while most companies stay below 16 heads, a large part of which stays below 8 heads, and if more heads are configured upwards, there is no corresponding technology.

80% of users, actually stay below 16 heads, and half of them choose to have less than 8 heads. It is just that companies with less than 8 heads have a very large number of manufacturers in the entire industry, which is close to 80%. Of course, all kinds of tricks, various pits, and water are also the deepest places. After surfing the Internet for a while, you can see that many users have reported that there is a problem here, that the manufacturer there does not provide after-sales service, or it is fraudulent behavior such as shoddy goods. If it is obviously impossible for every user to have the professional knowledge to distinguish these, then we will analyze in turn, those places are not suitable, and this will help to avoid some pitfalls.

1. Users who do not have a certain order volume are not suitable for use

The more often the head of the UV printer is used, the less prone to problems. On the contrary, the more you don’t use it, the more problems you will have. If you don’t use it for about 5 days, you need to disassemble the head. Some civilian heads need to be disassembled if you don’t use it for 3 days, and daily startup and printing maintenance are necessary processes. In the absence of certain orders and market customer groups, blindly using the machine will cause a continuous loss of money before making profits.

2. Users who are greedy for cheap are not suitable for use

The UV printer is a professional industrial equipment, not just anyone can handle it, even if the manufacturer has a 3-year-old technician, he can’t guarantee that every problem can be solved. When buying a UV printer, many users like to shop around and buy the one that is cheaper. This instinct is correct. Many small companies often use the psychology of being cheap to replace refurbished parts, low-standard and low-quality parts, and sell them to end users at a price 30% lower than the market price. After such a problem, the cost of repair and the loss caused will be more expensive than buying a new machine.

3. Users without patience and learning ability are not suitable for use

In practice, even if the manufacturer teaches the customers the techniques that should be mastered in a short period of time through oral, video, teaching materials, etc., people will forget the knowledge they have learned. Combined use, will cause the actual hands-on ability to decline even more. Based on many years of experience, 100% of the knowledge is taught to the user, and the user can only master 40%. The rest needs to learn and contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to solve various problems in the actual printing. Often many simple problems can be solved by the user at that time, but after contacting the manufacturer’s technician, the delay causes the equipment to stop running, and it is easy to cause other faults. If you lack patience and don’t take the initiative to learn and master, you will always hope that the manufacturer’s technicians will guide and maintain it. Not only will the loss caused by the stoppage of production be great, but your own technical level will never be improved.


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