Three points that need special attention in the use of UV printers

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UV printers quickly occupy a variety of professional shopping malls, such as wine boxes, gift boxes, corrugated paper and other packaging industries, and acrylic, glass, kt board, and other identification and sign industries. In the personalized customization industry for mobile phone cases, USB flash drives, cups, and even home improvement industries such as window cloths, floor mats, floors, and wooden doors, UV printers have become a trend.

   However, there is some special attention to the use of UV machines. If the operation is improper, it will damage the equipment. Today I will take you understand.

1. Improper operation of adjusting the head:

Regardless of whether it is to replace the head or fine-tune the head, it needs to be regulated and carefully operated. Although most industrial heads are now, improper operation can still cause damage to the head, especially the use of external forces.

2. The power is not turned off during cleaning:

When cleaning the UV printer, please pay attention to turning off the power in advance, and do not let water touch the circuit board and other internal systems, otherwise, it may cause the circuit to burn out and affect the life of the UV printer.

3. Use defective cleaning fluid and UV ink:

Randomly mix and use inks from different manufacturers, or use inferior inks or cleaning fluids. Inks of poor quality will affect the printing effect, block the nozzles, and cause damage to the nozzles. It is recommended to use the ink matched by the manufacturer’s original factory.


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