Tips for saving ink on UV flatbed printers

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Commonly used consumables for flatbed printers include ink, cleaning fluid, ink cartridges, grating rulers, and data cables. The most consumed, and the most commonly used is ink. At present, the price of ink on the market is not cheap, so you must pay attention to the saving of ink in the daily production of flat-panel printers, and not waste ink. How can we reduce the waste of ink? Micolorprint Printing Printer will briefly talk to you.

The ink consumption of the flatbed printer is too fast, which may be the waste caused by the following incorrect operations:

  1. Turn off the printer when the flatbed printer has not finished printing.
  2. Turn off the flatbed printer in the wrong way. The correct way to turn off the printer is to first turn off the printer by pressing the Power button, and then unplug the power plug. Do not pull out the power plug from the socket to turn off the printer while the printer is still working.
  3. Cleaning the nozzle every time will consume a lot of ink. Therefore, try to clean the nozzle as little as possible under normal printing conditions, and clean the nozzle immediately when the print quality declines. In daily production work, the printer needs to be used correctly and daily maintenance to reduce ink consumption and waste, and use the saved ink in production, further reducing production costs, and achieving low investment and high profit.

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