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Previously, suitcases and trolley cases were all traditional printing methods. Basically, some were not printed, and the finished products were sold directly on the market. Such products appear to be very single and have no characteristics, but now they are personalized In the era, many trolley case manufacturers have begun to get involved in the personalized customization industry, letting the trolley case show their individuality, and the trolley case printer is a new type of printing equipment in this industry. Its simple operation, batch printing, and vivid colors make it popular. , Micolorprint has a high-profile UV printer that is tailor-made for trolley cases.


Comparison of trolley printer and traditional special printing

(1) Advantages of the trolley box printer:

  1. It is suitable for any material and has a wide range of compatibility.
  2. No plate making, fast printing, and low cost, various output software can be used to support various file formats.
  3. Equipped with professional color management software, which can change the color anytime and anywhere without paying additional fees.
  4. One-step completion, print, and take, to meet the needs of quick samples out of finished products.
  5. Starting at the unit price. Large quantities can be printed with matching templates, which saves time and effort.
  6. The full-color image is completed in one step, and the progressive color can fully achieve the photo quality effect, the positioning is accurate, and the scrap rate is zero.
  7. It only takes 30 minutes to master and make high-quality products without professional skills.
  8. Computer operation, no personnel dependence, large upgrade space.

(2) Disadvantages of traditional special printing:

  1. Film and screen printing costs are high, and printing costs are expensive;
  2. The color calibration is complicated and cannot be modified once the version is finalized;
  3. The process is cumbersome and the production cycle is long;
  4. The cost of screen printing is high, and the screen printing points cannot be eliminated, and mass production is required to reduce costs;
  5. Sublimation ink is used for thermal transfer printing to print the picture on the transfer paper first, and then transfer it to the surface of the medium. There are several difficult problems: color deviation and positioning deviation, the finished picture is easier to scrape off, firmness If it is poor, it usually needs to be sprayed with another protective film. In addition, the transfer of special media also requires flexographic printing.
  6. Traditional sign making generally adopts the method of engraving + corrosion + paint filling, or laser engraving, which can only make monochromatic signs but can’t do anything with colorful patterns.
  7. The rejection rate of multiple overprinting is high, and the color deviation is large.
  8. Skilled printing technicians with many years of rich experience are required.
  9. More personnel is required and the proportion of hand-made is high.

How to choose a suitable factory?

There are too many brands of luggage printers. There are more than 100 brands in China. Some manufacturers are good at making refitting machines, some making small machines, some making industrial machines, and some making exporting machines. There are different advantages and areas of expertise. So if you just want to say which trolley case printer is good, you can only find it in Shenzhen, where it was born. The editor of Micolorprint, a famous UV printer manufacturer, suggests that you should start with these three aspects when choosing a brand:

  1. The amount of funds meets the premise of their own budget;
  2. The speed and precision requirements of materials, whether the luggage printer can meet the requirements of output per unit time and printing quality;
  3. The after-sales service of the equipment, whether it is purchased in the province or within the province, is guaranteed by the after-sales service;
    When choosing, compare multiple manufacturers, which is conducive to choosing the right luggage printer.

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