UV flatbed printer printhead how to care and maintenance?

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The nozzle of the uv flatbed printer consists of many tiny nozzles, inkjet holes and dust particles are about the same. If dust, fine debris, etc. into the nozzle, the nozzle will be clogged, but also easy to make the nozzle panel is stained with ink, and eventually lead to bad ink jet phenomenon. So the nozzle maintenance is vital.

In the daily maintenance should do the following.

(1) do not remove the nozzle from the host and placed separately, especially in the high temperature and low humidity state. If left for a long time, the water contained in the ink will gradually evaporate, dry ink will lead to nozzle blockage. If the nozzle has become clogged, cleaning operations should be carried out. If the cleaning does not achieve the purpose, then replace the new nozzle.

(2) avoid using fingers and tools to collide with the nozzle surface to prevent damage to the nozzle surface or debris, oil and other blockage of the nozzle. Do not blow into the nozzle area, do not sweat, oil, drugs (alcohol), etc. on the nozzle, causing changes in the composition of the ink, viscosity, causing the ink to solidify and block. Do not wipe the nozzle surface with tissue, lens paper, cloth, etc.

(3) It is best not to turn off the power at the printer with the printing process. Can first turn the printer to the OFF LINE state, when the nozzle cap before turning off the power, and finally unplugged. Otherwise, for some models of printers, the printer can not perform the capping operation, the nozzle exposure to dry air will cause the ink to dry out.

If the printhead has a plug situation will need to clean the printhead.

The method is as follows.

Printhead cleaning

1, software cleaning: automatic cleaning through the maintenance function in the printer driver.

2, ink extraction cleaning: ink car in the initial position, with a syringe with a hose connected to the waste ink tube to extract about 5 ml of ink, do not make the inner barrel of the syringe back, will cause the nozzles to occur mixed color phenomenon, in the process of drawing ink if there is a poor seal due to the nozzle protector, you can use your hand to gently move the ink car to ensure that the nozzles and nozzle protector good seal. After pumping ink and then software cleaning.

3, injection and extraction cleaning: remove the ink car, pull down the ink bladder, hose the syringe with cleaning fluid and nozzle ink column connected to the appropriate pressure to push the injection, back to pumping, to the nozzle vertical spray out the complete thin line.

4, print cleaning: “printhead cleaner” instead of the phenomenon of clogging the nozzle ink, use vector graphics software to print the color block, to the nozzle clogging phenomenon cleared, and re-exchange back to the original ink.

Printhead maintenance

If you have used the printheads need to be idle for a longer period of time, the need for professional maintenance methods and steps for the printheads.

1, according to the correct method from the printer to remove the printhead, and clean the residual ink stains.

2, using a printhead cleaner to thoroughly clean the printhead.

3, to the printhead of the ink column injected into the special printhead maintenance agent.


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