UV flatbed printer VS Engraving signs

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      Engraving technology is the treasure of our Chinese nation. Our country has mastered the engraving technology very early. After thousands of years of history and continuous application research by the ancients, the development and progress has reached a very high level and has been widely used. In all areas of society, engraving signs is a very representative one.

        What is an engraved sign?

        Engraved signs are signs made by engraving. At present, engraving signs generally use non-metallic materials such as double-color plate acrylic. The biggest advantage of engraved signs is that it is not easy to break and is durable; and the engraving has depth and is not easy to change color.

        Why does UV printer replace sign engraving?

        With the rapid development of society, the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology and the continuous increase in the types of materials, engraved signs can no longer meet the needs of social development. Sign printing has gradually replaced the position of engraved signs and has become the mainstream of the sign industry. In the current market, Micolorprint printers are your good choice for sign printing production.

        The advantages of UV printers in making signs

        Micolorprint has a large technical team with sophisticated technology and rich experience, and the product quality and service are guaranteed. Micolorprint printers have the following advantages in making signs:

  (1) Suitable for any material, with good compatibility and operation.

  (2) Multi-color printing at one time, no need for color registration, perfect color transition, high printing accuracy, printing effect can be comparable to pictures, the printed products are rich in color, clear and bright, and perfect relief effect.

  (3) One piece of printing, low cost, taking into account the small batch of product printing, suitable for individual needs.

  (4) The printing speed is fast, that is, it is dry when printing, and the finished product is finished after printing.

  (5) No fading, no scratches, waterproof, sun-proof, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly.

        Micolorprint printer factory direct sales, welcome to visit our company on-site inspection, free proofing on site! The company also provides free proofing by express delivery, you can express the samples to us, and print them out and express them to you. For sign production, consider choosing Micolorprint flatbed printers!

        The following is a sample of the sign printed by the Micolorprint printer:


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