UV flatbed printing equipment brings new breakthroughs to the advertising field

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Walking in the urban business district, all kinds of large-format advertisements are all around you, everywhere. The images displayed are all the efforts of advertising companies to attract attention to publicity and creation. Those billboards with various shapes and novel and diversified functions have become the usual tactics for business promotion and brand promotion.

In terms of the production process of large-format billboards, after having a well-conceived picture, the key is how to perfectly reflect the picture in all kinds of billboard materials. These raw materials generally include acrylic board, PVC board, thick cardboard, foam board, and other materials. In the traditional manufacturing process, there are roughly two types. One is the simpler pictures and texts, which are directly manufactured by craftsmanship or first made on self-adhesive materials, pasted on a strange sheet, and finally engraved by craftsmanship. For other types of precise graphics, screen printing techniques are often used to perform, and UV ink or water-based ink is used to directly print on hard plates. Then use a jigsaw and other things to finish the graphics and generalize the cut. In the case of low demand, the cost of this method is not low.

Nowadays, many large-format UV flatbed printing devices have emerged, opening up a new path for the manufacturing of large-format advertisements. 

UV flatbed printing equipment has the following manufacturing advantages

  1. As a new technology, the primary UV flatbed printing technology makes up for the lack of traditional screen printing technology in small-volume printing. It not only opens up a market for characteristic printing but can also be used to complete proofing or image simulation. Customers can choose skills that suit their needs from a variety of processes to meet their needs.

2. In the traditional process, the flexo printing technology can only be used for flexible media, and then the printed flexible media is glued to hard materials. Although screen printing can be directly printed on hard materials, it needs to do all kinds of pre-press processing such as plate making, which increases the cost. With UV flatbed printing skills, you can get used to all kinds of soft and hard media, without all kinds of pre-press and post-press processes such as plate making.

3. Relatively speaking, the production process of UV flatbed printing equipment is relatively simple, and even single-person operations can be completed, and the production time is greatly reduced. While saving manpower costs, fast delivery can also be completed.


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